How to Get a PURE WHITE Photo Background
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Sunday, June 21, 2015
By Michele D. Lee
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How to get a PURE WHITE Photo Background

Pure White Photo Background


I often like to use a simple white background when I do headshots because I like the way the subject pops.  I used to struggle to get the background to look pure white but now when I want to do a fun quick portrait I know exactly how to get a pure white photo background.  I shoot the subject in front of a softbox.


There is more to getting a perfect photo with a pure white background than just shooting againt a white wall or white seamless paper.  It took me a while to figure this out.  I would shoot, edit and still have grey looking backgrounds.  It just didn't make sense to me.  Fast foward through many setups, trial and error sessions and several photography workshops later I understand more about studio lighting, inverse square law, and all sorts of other technical photo stuff.  


After all that I finally get it and I realize it really isn't that difficult.  Having said that, I don't have a large dedicated studio space and there can still be a bit of setup involved.  Sometimes I just want to throw together a fun quick shoot without all the setup and equipment so I just shoot the subject in front of a large softbox.


I place my subject in front of either a large softbox or octobox and set it one stop above my main light (beauty dish in many cases).  

Example Image:


It's fast and easy.  I often increase the white levels in Lightroom a bit but this simple technique is a guaranteed solution to get a pure white photo background.

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