Senior Photos - What should I wear? What should I bring? What do I need to know?
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014
By Michele D. Lee
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It's time to take your high school senior photos and you're wondering what should I wear?  Am I supposed to bring anything?  What do I need to know?  These are questions you probably have as you start planning for your senior session.  Photographers get asked these questions all the time.

The good news is the senior photos that are done today are super fun, full of personality and all about you.  Let me tell you…senior photos have come a long way since mine were taken where you went to a studio for a brief amount of time.  The photographer had a cheesy background of a dreamy meadow, a wagon wheel or some sort of stream that you were posed in front of and if you were lucky they might suggest putting you in something billowy.  Ok hopefully you didn't have to wear anything billowy but I can assure you the experience was far from what it is today.  We're not voting for Pedro here. 

I'm helping a photographer friend with an upcoming senior session and while the questions were being asked I decided to jot my suggestions down.  Maybe these tips will help put your mind at ease when you go thru the "What am I supposed to wear" "What do I need to know?" and "Should I bring anything" questions.

Gilbert HS Senior Photographer

5 Tips for Planning Your Senior Photo Shoot


1) Be Comfortable

  • Bring your favorite outfits.  The ones that you feel comfortable in, and that help you look your best. This doesn't mean wear your big baggy sweatshirt and flannel pajama bottoms but something that looks good on you.  Because when you look good you feel good.  And when you feel good you'll look good.


2) Be Classic

  • Solid colors photograph much better than busy patterns.  Avoid stripes and plaids. 
  • Bring a variety of colors and mix the level of styles. Some should be dressy, some dressy-casual, and some casual.
  • Bring at least 1 classic outfit.  A simple dress, dark jeans and a solid top, even khakis and a button down shirt for the men. You should have at least 1 outfit that doesn't make Grandma cringe and Mom is sure to  love.  We don't want you looking back and asking yourself…"What was I thinking?"


3) Be Unique

  • Remember this is about you.  Bring things that showcase who you are.  You want us to see you in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions… Are you a brain? Or an athlete? A basket case? A princess? Or a criminal?  Just kidding this isn't The Breakfast Club BUT seriously if you're a musician bring your instrument.  If you're an athlete, bring your sporting equipment.   Bring props, gear, instruments or other things that show off your talents and are important to you. 


4) Be Natural

  • Wear your makeup and hair the way you do normally.  This is not the time to try something new.  Remember mom is probably going to hang those pictures on the walls.
  • The clothes you bring to your senior picture session should represent the real YOU!


5) Be Prepared

  • Make sure your clothes are ironed. 
  • Style your hair before you come to the session.  Choose a style you feel comfortable in, and bring a comb or brush for last-minute fixes.
  • Girls: Bring your make-up along for touch-ups.
  • Guys: Get your haircut a week or two ahead of time.  Trim your nails and get a fresh shave.
  • Get a good night's sleep!  


Whether you're shooting in the studio, on location or both remember these 5 tips and you should have the experience you deserve.  Don't forget to have fun.  Just be you and you'll be amazing.  Your attitude will show through in your portraits. 


Your Senior session is about creating awesome images that tell your story. 

Smile and enjoy your time in the spotlight.  It's your experience…

Your photographer will take care of the rest.

Gilbert High School Senior Photography

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