Why you need portraits!

A portrait is more than a pretty picture.  It is a moment in time.  A record of who you are both for your family and for generations to come. Going far beyond a snapshot or selfie, it allows you to celebrate who you truly are right now with no restrictions. Don't wait, there will never be a better time than right now to embrace who you truly are!

Elegant, Glamorous, Timeless, Classic or Sexy - How do you dream of being photographed?

Every woman has a unique beauty that is waiting to be captured.  Through a pampering and uplifting experience I work with women of all shapes, sizes and ages to create beautifully stunning images. Whether you are looking for a way to celebrate yourself, seeking to freeze frame a special moment in time, planning to use some gorgeous photos for social media and business, wanting to reignite the sizzle in your relationship, or simply just looking to have a little fun you could always customize your dream shoot with me. 

My portrait session includes a design consultation, unlimited outfit changes, a guided photoshoot, beautiful studio experience, full retouching of images,  reveal, order session and a sudden boost of self-esteem.  


Treat yourself to something amazing this year.  Let your inner beauty shine through and become who you truly are inside & out – beautiful.